Youth Easter Sunrise Service


It is hard to believe that we are already a week and a half into Lent.  It seems like it was only yesterday when we celebrated Christmas…oh yea, it practically was.  The life of a ministry leader….

Do you ever feel that you perform your ministry job as if you’re jumping from lily pad to lily pad?  You have Easter, and VBS, and Fall Festivals, and you better jump back to catch church camp.  And then Christmas as well as all the other “smaller” details in between.

To help some of you from drowning among the reeds (and Easter egg hunts) I thought I would give you a taste of something our church does at Easter.  Many churches have Easter Sunrise Services, but how many of you allow it to be completely youth-led?  That’s right…they play the music, read the liturgy, and even give the sermon.

One of our students is looking towards a career in full-time ministry so he was our first choice in writing the sermon and he did a great job!  Putting our trust in God, the youth and their leaders began our Easter day with a moving celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.

So I hope you can use this order of worship to bless your ministry.

Sunrise Service 040515

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