“Faith” Family Worship

Picture1Faith in a Changing World

The following file contains the order of service we used for our August 2015 Family Fifth Sunday service.  We began our family Sundays in May 2015 and they have been a wonderful way to attract some of our younger families who (how can I say this lightly…) have other commitments on Sunday mornings (zzzzzzz……). 

This service was all about the impact of this changing world on people of all ages and how we MUST maintain our faith through troubled times.  We showed the video “Overcomer” by Mandisa because it is such an outstanding example of some very well-known people who have overcome huge things like cancer, obesity, and deadly gun shot wounds; yet still maintained their faith.

One of the biggest things to remember when planning a family worship is that you need to keep the children and the adults interested.  One way to add interest for the younger generation to longer (mundane) parts of the service is to add multimedia.

You will notice that we had our regular Joys and Concerns time where individuals turn in cards that are read.  Following that is usually a lengthy pastoral prayer.  Instead of this prayer, we included a prayer that was read back to back by two different people.  Along with each line was a graphic (projected on the screen) that went along with the prayer.

When children feel that they are being included and considered in the worship service, they begin to feel as if they are an important part of the congregation.

I really hope that you can find this useful in your search for creating opportunities for family and intergenerational worship.  I have found a difficult time finding FREE resources for this style of worship so I want to bless all of you by offering our findings and creations to you.

Many blessings to you and your church for undertaking the important quest for family and intergenerational worship!  Enjoy!

August Family Worship

083015 prayer

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