2016 CM Connect Conference



How many times do children and youth pastors reach out to their students by helping them “Rise Up”?  To help them focus on God.  The 2016  CM Connect Conference March 28-31 in Louisville, KY encourages us to “Rise Up!” with a focus on God who rises up to our defense, to meet us in our time of need, to be our Champion.  I am super excited to be a part of the blogger team at the CM Connect Conference this year.


At the 2015 CM Connect Conference, President of CM Connect Global, Michael Chanley provided us with a very thought provoking t-shirt to go along with this amazing event.  The front of the shirt has a rhino riding on a skateboard.  If nothing else, it is always the beginning of an interesting conversation because people always ask, “What is with the rhino on the skateboard?”

The Rhino is unique from other animals you’ve seen or heard.  They cannot move backward.  They also have horrible peripheral vision which makes them as good as being blind.  So, Rhino’s always move forward with only one thing in mind.

As Christians, we are to keep our focus on God.  We cannot be preoccupied or distracted from our purpose in life…to love God, love people, and make disciples for Jesus Christ.  The above image shows a young rhino with an adult rhino.  It appears that the adult is helping the young rhino “Rise Up” to the challenge!

The 2016 CM Connect Conference is here to help us connect, serve, and advance those called to children’s ministry.  One of the best times is the after party where a group of like-minded (crazy Children’s pastors) people get together to network and discuss what works and what doesn’t work in the world of Children’s Ministry.  What an asset that doesn’t cost any extra!

So “Rise Up” to the challenge and bring yourself and your team to a beneficial  conference.  Save now with a 50%-off offer for registration using the code BLOG50.  Register today for the CM Connect Conference here.

Check out the Facebook event at CM Connect event

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