‘The Sword and the Stone’ Lesson: Faith and Disney

The sword and the stone has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. Merlin and Archimedes (the owl) teach Arthur, as in the future King, the importance of knowledge and education over strength and brawn. Based on 1 Samuel 16:21-17:11, 38-50, this intergenerational lesson compares the timeless story of King Arthur to the Old Testament story of David and Goliath.

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Lessons we can learn from David and Goliath and the Sword and the Stone

1. The Lord calls whom He will call

2. Right is better than might

3. The Lord prepares his servants

4. Be yourself

5. Know your weapons

Stories like David’s may have happened long ago, but the truths taught, and lessons learned from such stories are timeless.

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The Sword and the Stone

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Snow White Intergenerational Lesson: Faith and Disney


Disney’s cultural influence is enormous.  A saying that I truly love states, “If we don’t teach our children how to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.” My husband and I have been teaching a midweek intergenerational study on “Faith and Disney”. The entire family joins us as we examine the religious messages found in our favorite Disney movies.  Unfortunately it has been difficult to find a good compilation of lessons which can fit into the intergenerational category…therefore, we are writing our own,  I really hope that you can use these lessons in your ministry or even as family faith talks at home.

When I began to think about this lesson plan, I came up with over 50 Disney movies that I could find scriptural references within.  We had to start with Snow White because it was the first Disney movie.

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Faith and Disney- Snow White

Faith and Disney journal additions:

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